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for an enlargement of the liver or spleen. It cannot be moved from

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mis into blisters, also occurs in other kinds of inflammation, both acute

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cerous degeneration spreads farther and farther into the surrounding

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are taken sick, while others who live carelessly escape, should be an-

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ourselves to the application of cold to the head, and repeated ablutions

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increasing sleepiness, finally becoming deep coma, or else it is induced

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TREATMENT. Little hope as we have of removing by treatment

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eral disease. The tongue becomes dry and crusted early ; even during

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ments before they cross, while those of the cerebral nerves depend on

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laboratory equipment necessary to carry out these various means of treat-

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The absolutely hopeless manner in which some practitioners

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The redness and swelling of the tonsils rapidly disappeared,

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bladder, and that its presence causes symptoms similar to those of

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gory. Again, if I may draw any deduction from an almost

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excellent service. It is to be prepared as follows : Melt the simple

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ANATOMICAL APPEARANCES. The usual appearance of the spinal

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favorable psychical influence. In the latter cases, reading LattemancFs

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other methods, I give opium for cholera diarrhoea, although not in the

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name, and in each case, before making a diagnosis of cephalalgia rheu-

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from defective nutrition and anaemia, can only be successfully

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inhabitant, it possesses no pathological interest, and we may forego

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although the danger is not yet over, and although the hopes awakened

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irreclaimable Janes Cakebread, in short, has to be recognised

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during life (which we shall describe under the anatomical appearances, as

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men. Hoffmann passed from five thousand to six thousand cubic

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The same would be true if we found a symptom given by Griesinger,

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course of the disease, and by the causes which produce it, and which

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when oxygen alone had quite failed. He considered that

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TREATMENT. The most commendable remedy, in recent palsy of

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after the disease has subsided, from the irregular growth of the bones.

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at night. The left kidney was large and tender. On cysto-

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left its mark in old and now sclerosed lesions of the lung. In all his

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more active, in proportion as the difference in concentration in the

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ises good results, if we bear in mind the dependence of the diarrhoea,

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ular crusts constantly increase on account of the continued suppuration,

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for iron, which should be given in small doses. Tyson often gives the

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dysmenorrhcea. Under normal conditions at the period of deni-

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It was compiled at a time when the writer had still to learn

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thickened blood in the capillaries, and the consequent interruption of