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done, the same as in previous cases. The patient was
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Hospital here, for the reception of all the sick, is of great extent. The
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like ; or again, the words echoed may be those of the patient himself.
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training, of little professional attainment or experience, and in fact
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those of the small-pox, and said by others to be about the size of a
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of primarily chronic myelitis the onset may be slow and insidious ; months
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iM^itinU', :ind a wounded tongue. Under these circumstances, the diag-
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nearly as large as before and the patient is not doing any-
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of crepitus over any part of the side, even during cough or a
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stricture long ago suggested and employed in this country, but
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respiratory processes, and where in consequence there may already
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curable, and the compensation should be made sufficiently ample to
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after his meals, and afterward to increase the dose on the
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not be a doubt of it. Look at the liberal support given for years to the
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latient feels exhausted and is sometimes bathed in perspiration. tt has
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in accommodation 8°, abduction 9°, adduction 5°, hyperphoria
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because of the duai action of mind ; and second, because an
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to be normal. For ten years the throat has felt uncomfortable. Four
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his present illness. His father died of phthisis at the age of fifty. Two years
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degeneration of the posterior columns of the cord in cases of "eneral
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from the nervous system. Engelmann differentiates positive or negative chrono-
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The skin is commonly the point of application. It nor-
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then turning it into position (P>ichsen) ; a hand on
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the work commences, — a discourse which, even had its author never
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operation of this kind, and the feet rasped to as near their
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Duncan, Dr. J. Matthews, on the restoration of the perineum 191
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naud's disease which accidentally died. That patient presented
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ever, for lesions which show signs of an aggressive course,
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the University of Pennsylvania, he was associated with Wood,
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Buchanan's paper was read, in ifovember, 1890, applied
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was frequently noticed, but never the high degree and chill noted with
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places it seemed to be covered by pleura, and this appearance sug-
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The following narrative ought to be conclusive to all
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consider the peripheral condition of the circulation than the central, worn-