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Internal. — The forms of internal anthrax vary greatly, and this is due

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losis, there will be found a history of tubercle in the parents, and in a

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attended by constipation. Further, it appears that the food residue enter-

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by way of the Trigeminal nerve. These also furnish vasodilator,

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during the progress of pregnancy, a progressive hydremia until the sixth

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3 - 2 per cent. ; between 30 and 40 years, 1T5 per cent. ; between 40 and 50

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red precipitate as a digeftive ; for it may be of ad-

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appreciate greatly the reception accorded to the first number

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rate partitions, that fo each horfe may be fecured in

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A. Bruce, W. J. O. Malloch. Wal- Ophthalmology: D. N. Maclennan, W.

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epidermis exfoliates and ulcerates, and granulations develop on the floor.

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suggest an epidemic influence, and sometimes undoubted epidemics occur.

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for fifteen minutes, when the venoms of different species (colubrine or

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The swelling diminishes in general with the fever, and the patch becomes

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all, the bubo slowly resolving. Convalescence, when it does set in, com-

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a portion of the growth or the discovery of the bacillus in the scrapings.

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especially the lower third. Eotation may also take place. Overgrowths

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paralysis, which have gradually disappeared on discontinuing the medicine.

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It then becomes thickened, contracted, adherent to the intestine and

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backs or lumbago. After unusual exercise the back muscles may

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From this fertile age came the first crude form of the microscope,

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observation which has not had an acute inflammation of an accessory

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Examination of the respiratory system showed limited excursion of both

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Chloralamide (Chloral Formamidum), in the dose of 20 to 30

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duction of beriberi into a virgin country, and the subsequent spread of the

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this assumption I have named this blood worm, provisionally, F. ozzardi.

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Turkish tobacco is said to contain only from 075 to 1*25 per cent, of nicotine.

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situated among the hills, at an elevation of 1840'. At this height he

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inoculation, and there generates an extremely virulent poison, which is

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cases have recently been observed where women in an advanced stage of

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whole, do worse than those in which there is none, and one may be guided

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glass, and lay the cover-glass on a slip. If glasses and finger are clean,