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John Herbert Claiborne, Jr., M.D., to Miss Marie Louise

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localization can of course be secured; that is to say, the radiogra-

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Third District, JOHN G. ORTON, M. D., Broome County.

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It is necessary to be careful not to mistake a temporary lull in

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their good doing, and its practice becomes easier and more delightful the

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which appears to be present in other parts of the body in fever

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After this he did not suffer from any trouble for a period

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as the fungi which give rise to other kinds of mycetoma.

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injurious action on the virus, but which removed the bacteria much

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The nitrogen estimation promises to be of value in hypertrophy

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nation showed fluid in the abdomen, which was aspirated,

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one situated in the ileum. The last is considered dvsentery by the author, but

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injury; (b) constant pain ; (c) multiple and persistent

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It was observed by Finsen 4 that the red corpuscles in

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blanket round him, and fastened it to keep in the steam. She

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estimate of the chronic miasms ; but he failed to find the tuber-

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essential that within a very short time the examination should be made.

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that it was agreed upon at the conference of 1 756 to

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same day. According to the reaction to the inoculation, the

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there be any, are few; depletion by salines should take its place. Anti-

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•were cysts, not sarcomas. Ehrmann included in his list

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importance chiefly in their relation to retropharyn-

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