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the profession, who shall determine, not the proficiency of any peculiar

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matory swelling; it is not uncommon to find that the

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By Dr. V. MACiNAN, Physician to St. Anne Asylum, Paris; Laureate of tuc n.stiLU c iiai,,U.c.i by \ . b.

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animals for [)ostmortem examination. Autopsy showed the fol-

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of the kidney. Israel himself, however, did not go to

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umbilicus free — which is a point of distinction from the dilatation due to

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closed while the lower end of the colon was brought out and

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directly induces an aggravation of the very disease which

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Another point of diversity to which Dr. Murchison was, I be-

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multiple inguinal adenopathy, and other evidences of constitutional infection ;

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bill was presented to the city authorities, and pavment was refused,

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every slight cold, or disturbance of the digestion, or

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comparing their average height with that of the fifty percentile grade of

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Journal, January— The Clinic— Yorkshire Gazette, March 23— Scar-

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discusses the comparative structure and mode of growth of

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Wyeth's excellent device for controlling hemorrhage in amputations or ex-

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of the sternum. But even in these regions, under physiologic condi-

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An exception to the general silence of our sources regarding the

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known as the Black disease of Assam (Clark). Diffuse " dirty-looking "