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falls. Complications affect the curve in much the same way as the

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acterized by "the gradual development upon the surface of the tongue of a

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poisons, alcohol, autointoxications, diabetes, and malaria have all

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fined to the asylums. Even when fostered or precipi-

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of inflammation. No erosion could be discovered. The inflamma-

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heart was one and a half inches outside the mammillary

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by M. Sagrandi ; Hydrorrlicea, and its Import as a Symptom of

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character of the food or the nature of the ulcer is asserted, since one

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the existence of the ovarian tumour, might be greatly puzzled about the

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vented. It is unnecessar}' to argue at length how greatly the end is

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his mind*s eye when the veil was lifted for a moment \ all must

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are sterile ; while those married at from 20 to 24 inclusive are

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decision to amputate at the wrist-joint. During the

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we confess our inability to propound any rules by which the

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of several grand surgical methods, each of which produces excellent results.

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Experiment 20. — Cat A, weight 2,900 gm., was given on Mar. 31 at 10.35 a.m.,

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teresting to the profession or has been crowned with such uniform success as

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Their contents become purulent, and often are bloody, and, after a

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genus. In 1912 Calkins^ established the genus and named it Craigia.

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cated by microscopic examination should be placed on

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two symptoms which show, it appears to me, the resistance

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on the figures of Knopf, that the cost of a tubercular

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such as the stomach, the uterus, the teeth, and the nose.

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so4s beyond question and need not be further commented

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calibre of the vessels may be diminished by this agent, yet their con-

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without dilatation, especially of the left ventricle, of the type that

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sure at one or another part of the cord, could be of

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He could not sit still, and, getting out, finished the

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cause of the fibrous growth has hitherto escaped detec-

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tor or, if you will, spy on physician behavior. Mechanisms