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were well calculated to form the production of such an operation.
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its sudden disappearance is regarded as an unfavorable symptom,
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results were much less satisfactory. Instead of 18 in 22 recover-
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of milk are considered, its proper handling, etc., from the cow
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tions this point is particularly noticed ; and in a Spanish journal
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cerebellum, or the cerebral nerves of special sense, in every possi-
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its means optical delusions are prevented. — [Medico- Chir. Rev.
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in the plant and closes up a wound in a man — it enables the
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tween nine and ten, precocious in mind, and of scrofulous
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ceives a portion of heat from it, and acquires thus an additional
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an inch in length, each one resembling almost exactly the tooth of a
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tant than it would be, under the other supposition, that they are es-
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Dr. E. Kane, on modus operandi and therapeutical applications of
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such an injury. This disease was first described by Alibert, and
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after the operation apparently from an autotoxemia. A second
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have combined, protracted heat, great moisture, and an immense
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almost insurmountable without this practice. The author adds, that upon
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The American Medical Monthly for August and September
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and giver of every good. Is it not delightful to behold woman's
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State of New York, etc., etc. Fourth Edition — revised by A. Clark, M. D.,
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should be required to attend the full course. Any organization
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Intimate Structure and Pathology of the Kidney. — Dr. Charles E.
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CHYMiA (Dilatation of the Stomach). {Journal of the
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great work of reform, the University of Michigan should regard it as
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to be from five to six hours, and few are willing or able to get
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general health was ><> much improved, and suffering at the
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Gurdon Buck, M. D., Surgeon to the N. Y. Hospital 4
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of the lips, beyond the points transfixed by the sutures, deeply into
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The next day the child had five passages from the bowel, the