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flaccid, and may be drawn in and puffed out by the respiratory move-

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the trade-off for the AMA. We think that’ s a good idea for

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Turney. St. Thomas's Hospital Report, 1898. Diabetic Neuritis : Williamson, R. T.

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nity offers, make observations in this regard, watching

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those showing signs of labored breath and emaciation

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and the urine 'first becomes clear ; and then, as the temperature

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(great transverse commissure of the cerebellum) into all parts of

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raise medical costs and increase loss of work days for

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heated, over a wooden last made for the pin-po-e. The

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theses brought forward early in the paper. The patient said that he had

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In the Journal of the American Medical Association for

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symptoms iu these cases must be as they arise. Cocaine

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The ointment should be put on very thoroughly at night, or

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instrument than under the tongue, and a properly constructed instrument

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by A. H. Beii'uett. Brain, Lond., 188B-7, ix, 74-79.—

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mark the period of maturity, excepting such as are connected with differ-

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tracheotomy. 5. That all these conclusions are pro-

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Galtier-Boissiere has reported the case of a patient who had on the left side of the

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injuries should not be limited merely to the recovery of the patient as

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called the adhesive inflammation. The lymph is simply laid

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not have expected to 6nd such opinions defended by the natural historian,

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Microscopic Examination of Specimens. Right side : Sections made

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When we purchase apples by the bushel, we get about the same

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immensely desirable for the arrest to take place as quickly as possible, while

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abdominal form. While granting that much can be accomplished by

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that we entertain an unfavourable opinion of the author's ca-

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intemperance is nmcli worse than occasional great ex-

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where, through dietary regulation, the carbohydrates have been more or

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wedge-shaped piece, allowing thereby the edges of the mucous

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occur and the ansesthetic must necessarily be ^^ pushed " to counter-

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displacement and with paraplegia lasting for some weeks,

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