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cavernous tumours, of undergoing rapid changes in size. This
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opium, ammonia, and other stimulants; the latter, instead of doing good, seemed
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minuria as a sure sign of diseased kidneys. We shall endeavour
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but enoufrh to serve as an accompaniment ■ at any former period."
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after exposure to cold. After eating there was a smarting sensation, which,
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on one occasion summoned to meet a young practitioner in consultation on a case
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tremens are killed by criminal negligence as by the dis-
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tions when the head of the foetus is to be brought over the interior
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diately subsequent. Data are wanting to answer the question
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shire and the agricultural parts of Durham, it is 202; in Devonshire, 208; and
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opinion: as a compilation from the best and most recent
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opposite of that which experience has proved salutary in aortic valve disease,
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regulated do suffer with adenoids and tonsils. Onel
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tion. Of the theories which have been advanced to account for the origin of
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the haemorrhage to rupture of the vessels surrounding the follicles.
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had died. Two were attacked on September 30th, one on October
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less fruitM in works on mental disorder; and until the appear-
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vation renders a climate drier and more salubrious in the end, yet for some
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the value of a foot when supported by a hfealthy limb, but not
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kidneys of animals experimented on, but there was no satisfactory evi-
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normal, and a matter of good judgment for the physician
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ofleriuff in its centre a reddish excoriation, and in its circumference, a hard,
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adhesion of the iris, and the atrophy of its tissue, caused the
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" On examining the left eye, its pupil appeared a very little more contracted
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become obvious. If this were not the case, the eye would be abruptly pulled
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The results at which Engelken has arrived are — 1, that the anterior
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Successful case. (Qtiz. Hebd., 1868, No. 9.) — Bockenheimer. Two
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1. Oases lUustraHve of the Use of the Forceps, By Dr. A. B. Steele.
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construction of houses; — ill ventilated damp houses and confined localities are
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that his habit was to be out much alone, which was permitted. He
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leasts a dry atmosphere and a general exemption firom fogs.
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all the concert of human ills, no other theme so sustained]
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motor residua^ he would speak of collectively as the motorium
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Nor, after comparison of a number of affections of the optic