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over illustrates the importance of medical practitioners being able to investigate
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expiration; below the third rib a very feeble sound can be heard; below
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The patient is now ready for the application of an india-
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(3) Adhesions or bands may limit the come an acute inflammation. Even without
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groups the diagnosis is still further complicated. It may only be after
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regularity necessary to make it an explanation acceptable for all cases.
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tabes dorsalis, of the muscular atrophies and the richly-
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The -Vd ministration of the AnsBsthetics Practically Consid-
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out such diagnostic help had unnecessary operations.
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bacteria in a short space of time. Either bichloride or alcohol may be
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ately before the delirium set in; the limbs responded to stimuli perfectly.
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this he concludes that the diagnostic importance of Rinne's test is doubtful and that
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tion to exist, a syphilitic infiltration could easily develop.
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lation caused the patient to pass a number of stones, and
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purely mechanical, or, what is more probable, the mechanical injury
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tion to give no food whatever for a day or two, and to be content to
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during the full moon ;) at other times it was much smaller, softer,
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rise before the onset of the chill. The urine is increased in quantity
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tioned, when it committed frightful devastation in our armies in
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several of the prominent medical gentlemen of that city, and obtained,
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chronic rat plague has anything to do with the recurrence of acute
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municable disease, it may be noticed that it does not equally help
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that it is applicable to all kinds of cases. I prescribe
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e di un ntiovo metodo cui-ativo del favi di piccolo e medio
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lar, painless. The patient was by occupation a dressmaker, and during her
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medicinal or instrumental, and which, unless boldly
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reject any remedy because it does not seem plausible to our minds is as
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tion be given to it, without difficulty. But 2d, The rima glottidis im-
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the same purposes, in the same forms, and in similar
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chology and a chair of pedagogy, side by side and hand in hand,
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Kotchorovsky^' treats enteric fever with Iodine, Castor Oil, and
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characters of each variety are tolerably well marked. The fol-
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1896, 374.— Thiroloi.n (J.) S6ro-diagnostic de la fi^ivie
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September 2l», IST.l. The patient died March 4, 1878.
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condition. The alphabetical list was perhaps easier to memorize
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man's supply of sugar was scanty, whereas during it, and especially
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