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Pyuria. — This occurs in a number of cases but the exact percentage varies
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as in men and, for that reason, requires a statement of facts
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of slowing of the circulation, blood changes or lesions in the
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carditis, meningitis and suppurative pylephlebitis or extensive visceral
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have become infected and they should be sterilized by dry heat.
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be slightly more frequent but more patients are saved to relapse.
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individuals suffering from mild and unrecognized attacks. Fig. 31 shows the
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nurse and patient. In private families where strict isolation is not being
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albuminuria. Dr. John Mason reports a case of albuminuria
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curved or two of them are arranged end to end so as to form
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puerperal sepsis with only 1,450,000 red cells per cmm. and 20 per cent.
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The discussion of ' ' Indications for Selection ' ' was
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microorganisms reach the endocardium through the blood stream. Whether
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also on the urinary tract, during their elimination. The
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the microscopic findings. In the first place the appearance
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nor any other of the domestic animals is susceptible to smallpox. The disease
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cases bacilli may be found. The oesophagus is rarely affected, save by an
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typhoid fever and it is never safe to give an absolutely favorable prognosis.
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the cardiac systole; neither its intensity nor its tone-quality
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drawn him to the gambling table, to riotous dissipation, and
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straighten the neck there are evidences of extreme pain. If the pupils are
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as a rule disappear when the rash makes its appearance. There may be
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creases with years. The vital processes of regeneration di-
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specific and analogous to the lesions of smallpox, regarding them as an
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In children the lesions are not likely to be as marked as in adults. This is
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ment of parturient apoplexy of cows, and, when the disease
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Pfeifier's Reaction. — R. Pfeiffer was further able to show that only
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lated bodies, and rings. The globules and rings were not unlike bodies that
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of the stomach and intestines, coughing and sneezing, the flow of urine,
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one. He has also shown that these streptococci differ from those found in
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the expectation of life of the female exceeds the male. The
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tions being necessary before this substance can penetrate the
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for them, as in some patients they may continue after this has disappeared.
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bilateral. Rarely the process extends to the mastoid cells. In the majority
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constantly present." Smith, 1899, "All forms, except pos-
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