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history of a case which came under his observation last

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Zeit.scbrift fiir Obrenbeilkuude sowie fiir Kelilkopf-, Nasen-, und

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press my finger into each ischio-rectal fossa without

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had under observation, the attack was prolonged without any notable

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move these important organs without previous efforts to

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rare giant forms. The only other error to be guarded against is confusion

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traumatism;" and, finally, a third morbid state, to which Sambon gave

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during an operation, or have been kept on a very low or unwhole-

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the stiletto or bayonet, attended as these are with much bruising and tear-

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cases that are not lamed or crippled by the great mobility

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a local pre^uje, let us say over one hemisphw^, mity e;xceed

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at twenty feet, we might take that as the standard for

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something about the animal. That something this book

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indication of active measures and either the cool bath,

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des coiirliatures febriles; epideniie de fievre typhoide

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Action and Uses. — Gamboge is a drastic, hydragogue

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presented his evidence in favor of the prisoner's sanity.

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never had any children. She suffered with constant pain on

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profession. That while, with Dr. Bennet, many refer to inflammation and

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Joseph D. Bryant, of New York County ; The Nature, Modes

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these examinations, extensive pelvic and abdominal adhesions

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The general principles of treatment differ little, if at all,

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peripheral nerves in many cases may exhibit degenerative changes. The

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only a few spores being found ; it is well to take the scrapings for

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rous diet, feels confident of recovery, having regained his spirits and