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locally, while internally, we ordered a draught consisting of two grains

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delirium tremens, when the attendants, articles of furniture, and evm

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entiation between them is not always possible. In such cases,

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Sanitary Council of States along these rivers, infectious diseases

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I have had an opportunity of using the drug on several

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intoxication and of a stimulation of the growth of the tumour. Petersen

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and more modified, until at length, as a rule, to which there are exceptions,

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which in reality may increase the distance. In diseases of the heart,

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1884, vii, 97-101. . tieber federnden Finger (doigt ares-

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the desired limit. Ini the year 1870 appeared Max ISchedc's treatise

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conceivable that tubules might still remain in the walls of the cystic sacs;

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exists in the mind of the average practitioner as to when a case is

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the skin is very sensitive, of a four per cent, aqueous so-

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connection with Boston University has been established, which^

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In the majority of instances, no sooner is amendment effected, than they

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neck, two on the left scapular region, one in the eleventh intercostal

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npperand lighter portion containing air. d The darker

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just because they have accepted the dictum of writers

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was slightly altered in its curve, so as to bring the pad directly over the external

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the vesicles and terminal bronchi, and partly lies in their in-

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The removal of the uterine appendages stands, just now,

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something better at least than he obtained without it. The

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sibly have taken place is that of Obrastzow. In this

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cannot be made, I stuff the cavity with tow which has

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household loaf, the umbilicus standing for the depression which the


preserve his own existence in old age, and to provide for his sickly

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Health from 1890 to 1900, and for some years was chairman

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cases of insufficiency at the uretero-vesical junction.

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injection ceased at the level of the left bronchus, and did not occur in any of its

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xvi, 190-1! 8.— What is a sanitary engineer? [Edit.]

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Dose : 1(> to 24 grains three or four times a day.

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arrest them, and it was determined to ligate the external

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promote that self-activity of the student which is absolutely necessary

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discuss healthier aspects of the person's life. Regu-

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