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longation of comfort in living. After that is gone what is

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of such special agent for the relief and cure of this disease that

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Microscopic examination shows the air-spaces filled with clotted fibrin,

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great thoracic oppression or by a gradual development of the local and

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with great thickening of the membrane. The latter may also originate

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from the pomace. Oil and tannic acid are extracted from the

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early in ^'.)l'^ and became chief of the surgical service of No. 2

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oil of cinnamon, ichthyol, and guaiacol valerianate. Ichthyol

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the disease to be propagated in schools, though not to the same extent

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taking. In my opinion, the three highest flavored pears are

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110 o -120° F., stimulates the kidneys to act by heat and by the effect

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his heart. The -great authority said, " It is an enormously dilated

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given in an ordinary tin tub, which was neither deep nor strong enough

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opinion as to its great clinical value. The large statistics of Kneass

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account of the application of water in some of those diseases which the

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indefiniteness is made evident by the fact that in New York City the

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plague, often appearing as a forerunner of severe epidemics. It is

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tution compound in which one atom of the hydrogen of sali-

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The influence of hydriatic procedures upon the circulation, respira-

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sent similar symptoms ; the sudden onset ; the course and intensity of

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" Bread is the staff of life," and the staff of life is the

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Since this case, I have had no case in which to repeat the

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