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vagina; that peritonitic symptoms predominate, chills occur-
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coverings. The application of sticking plaster, for instance,
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senting an enormous expansion in its origin ; its upper
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cerous nature may sometimes be inferred. Occlusion as a result of in-
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Dr. Sayre remarked, that the specimen was a very interesting one,
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fected, and in the course of an hour he could eat and drink without
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the products of tissue degeneration: of morbid exudations, such
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diminishes. The dorsal splint should be lifted off at
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different experimental conditions, consisted in direct examination of
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necessaries for the maintenance of merely physical efficiency."
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more than one brilliant man has perpetrated this fallacy.
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Surgeon-Major William T. Black, M.D., F.R.C.S. Ed.,
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AND Chloroform — prompt Recovery. — We know how grave a disease
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May 25-27: Annual meeting, American Thoracic Society,
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roduced closely allied to scurvy. In addition to the symptoms
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pies normally a higher position than usual. The upper limit of the liver
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tive organs, and has more effect on cough. A combination of codeia,
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mences to close the peritoneum in order that there may be relaxation
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The following fatal case occurred in my own experience : — An
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physical failure. It is important that this should be generally under-
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none of which could have been clearly recognized except by radiographic examina-
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recommended by Professor Dick at least forty years ago. The
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child. These self-accusations were always made with sobs and
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The rotating cable is covered fhe distance from mouth
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so as to prevent the extension of the leg. He can, however, by
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Medicine today is in the spotlight, subjected to all
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to cold, their temperature rapidly falls; if killed when the tem-
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ment of the lymphatic glands of the neck involving the mastoid, parotid, sub-
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removal of the air from the air-cells — a state directly the opposite of emphy-
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dislocated member. Steady traction from the two wrists, in the hori-
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erations the entire race died from unmistakable old age.
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At first it may be so pronounced that it masks the tuberculosis, which
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than sixty minims a day h;ive so far never been given.
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perience of transfusion in this disease is limited to two cases,
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if she has not improved or other signs of toxsemia have appeared,
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excites no immediate uterine contraction, as iodine,
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