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to be controlled by the central health-authority of

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Sept. 13^^.— Patient expressed himself feeling much

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€ru<u-flUl^-a). ^Gr. 6&Kpv \/&ax + Kixnt/Q 8ac +

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to the soles of his feet. He remained in this condition from

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efforts at writing. Dr Poore's patient, to whom I have referred, complained

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extent of the lesion. The operation, at the worst, does

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the point of view of prophvlaxis. [Abstract of 1892 a] < Veterinarian, Lond.

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probably none simulates so many other disorders. In some cases, as for

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the period of greatest liability. "While the child is rarely born infected

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man, twenty-six years of age, who Avas respectably connected, but was

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operator contrasted the results of peritoneal wounds under the present methods of

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the superior strait, no active measures were recommended.

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the kidney was entirely functionless. The examination of

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1896-7, iii, 219; 270. Also: Post-Graduate, N. Y., 1897, xii

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entrance. The jugular vein behind the insertion of the sterno-cleido-mastoideus

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the Official Military Medical and Surgical Manuals pub-

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injury he has started to work several times, but each time his foot swells and the

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exhibiting " complete R. D.," were the last to show signs

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-4. Drainage of Brain Abscess. — A priori reasons do not plead in

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This may be due to the fact so tersely put in the preface: **Few men, as a mat-

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to his outline figure, and by the same means compare the two

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cases of death due to pulmonary thrombosis following surgical opera-

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treatment of he disease. There will be such an awakening of interest

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Both testes were enlarged and tender, with a soft place

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lymphatic glands, or a swollen upper lip, or sore ears, or a

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hoe-handles, toy wagons and sleds, and foot-stools, which he

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obtain the maximum effect. Such a maximal contraction appears like

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to the sweet in making emulsions, on account of their

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subject of immunity including formation, chemical nature, composition and

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cised there was a lymphoid leakage rather than one of

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and promising though it may be, is not always capable of

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of the same months, namely, three in July, three in August, and

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of the spinal cord. Suppose, for the purpose of illus-

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Europe until after the introduction of maize, subsequent to the discovery of the

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of the intranasal procedure on the antrum : I always perform the complete

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Fractures, at the close of the volume, the table of contents remains

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was lame, and that it hurt him to walk. They supposed that

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TTie report, under the rules, went over for one year.

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tympanic membranes ; a little blood came from both, but no visible pus.

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From 1883 to 1885 the Society had the advantage of his services

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leaved dittany or pepperwort (lepidium ruderale) be suspended