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thirty-five ; but that the outbreak of the disease becomes comparatively

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of a solution of permanganate of potassium, glycerin, or other disin-

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their impulses, to build a ‘psychological distance’ be-

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cases. These partial inflammations not infrequently follow a

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2640 cc per meter of surface. The A'isceral hyperalgesia was luiaf-

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and above the liver. This abscess contained nearly a pint of pus, and was situated

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was there a pericardial effusion demonstrated. However, there

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vidual member of the hospital staff who may be making

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to the beak of the incisor, the latter was seen very

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was born at full term and tlie cord was dressed in the usual

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The eruption had appeared quite suddenly a short time previously.

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almost necessarily, unavoidably ', disregarded at the patient's home.

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for the lobar distribution in the one, none can be demanded for a

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The incidence rate for the third zone in 1913 was, therefore, zero.

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fully investigated the question of chlorid retention in a series of selected

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The health of this regiment, at the present date, is remarkably good.

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progress is either so slow or so unsatisfactory that

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possible to determine the more important lipoids (fats, lecithin and

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Course 103 is a basic course prerequisite to all courses in Zoology except 105, and

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clot was found firmly adherent in the right auricle,

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dehyde. There will be, however, a gradual decrease in the number

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derived from, or at least is associated with, some cell elements of

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institute, or in connection with it. New discoveries in

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were mostly of the size of filbert nuts, and yielded a mucous

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consequence of the close adhesion of the dura mater to the bone, of the tendency

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before McDowell's time, had defied all that was subtlest in art and repulsed

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sium, were given three times daily ; also two minims

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The use of the college library is allowed to medical

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causes of other disorders. To remove such a lesion by man-

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nation of the body, it is impossible to refer death to the real cause. The