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first mentioned it. She stated that after the accident the boy had been

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ly pleased to find himself free from fever. Lie soon learned from

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made before in a similar way, and had she performed her opera-

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This treatment the Doctor thought highly philosophical, and he

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called vital properties, vital powers and vital forces, but

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bring the lateral flaps in apposition, and placed in a sling.

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could be enjoyed nor inflammation take place. When the

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modern writers. It is a cause growing out of other causes

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In crossing a stream Clemence reached his right arm out for

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and fascia are held between the thumb and fingers of the other

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" The Iodide of Amonium — A chemical much used in photograpy has

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original thought and observation, and has thus been a medium of

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mor under Poupart's ligament, but it would seem to bound back.

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These two cases are illustrative of the advantages of con-

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domen of the patient, over the breach of the foetus. Lateral pres-

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and now, 10 o'clock A.M., he has an extensive vesicular eruption,

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partisans to prevent recognition and reception of the im-

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examination with the probe was now made, in order to detect, if possible,

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large quantity of blood in the abdominal cavity ; the inguinal

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facts and the laws which control them — established by men

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Far more marked is the effect of pronation and rotation :

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ty elect Honorary members, in or out of the State, at each annual meeting.

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pain. After this, at the time the cholera last visited this country,

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held in the city of Columbus, on Wednesday, the 11th of April, and that

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was directed, taken in small quantity and after long intervals.

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branches of knowledge can boast of more successful improvements than

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deleterious influence upon the living body— these forces not

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polarized state of the brain, or of certain parts of it, and these dis-

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by leaving out the citric acid, and increasing the quantity of Irp

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25. " Stricture of the Urethra and its Treatment." William R. Blue, Louis-

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these illusions/' The principal arguments for the existence of sensory illu-

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point, and also that nothing, of consequence, has been done. Often these

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thanks for this distinguished honor. In elevating one so unworthy of

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disappointed expectations simply from a want of due regard to