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Mormouism, the work of plain Joe Smith, inaugurated under the eye of the
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1. Name three diseases spread by alvine discharges. Give briefly the treatment
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side of the face, from the crown of the head, is partially
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rhage, abscess, and trauma. They occur also in general paresis. The spasm
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strength and weight, while in winter, especially if obliged to work,
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be an etfect of the presence of the typhoid bacillus in the lung.
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far advanced. Eecovery of complete vision may not be attained for weeks
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phosphates, and in their place a great abundance of leucine and tyrosine,
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sixteenth of an inch in diameter ; these were arranged in a triangular
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hours in utero. Dr. Kraus also insists upon an undoubted homology between
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inch and a quarter in length ; it Avas made up partly of fibrous and partly
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the same. He suggested that this period of transition might
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it to exist in cases of lead-poisoning Continued research may show that
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ity of the nerve cell in the brain or the loss of con-
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and trephine, so as to make the opening to correspond to the
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to consider and, if possible, rectify the charges made
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were observed in the Hdpital Trousseau, where a number
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range of temperature, the daily range, rainfall, number of days
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Complications and Seqneke. — In the Alimentan/ St/stem
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ocean not infrequently. It is not easy to say with positiveness how fre-
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There is a mild form of chronic bronchitis in children,
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In the second place, alcoholic intoxication furnishes
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the treatment of the so-called "feeble-minded," and so much
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inactivity, with the result that retention of urine is generally met with.
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Deaths in the City of Providence for the year 1892. By Charles
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From tlie fourteenth to the eighteenth day after admission, from the tentli to the fourteenth
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the powder, shaved both their heads, and applied lintseed oil and albu-
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prominence of the head of the radius, which seemed to have
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very distinct. I also detected a luxation of inter-
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hot and smell when many persons are exercising there.
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are not yet joined, the bone increases in length, and may exceed its fellow by
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particularly in bone, the tuberculous foci from which
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cian pain in these situations may be of more serious prognostic import