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Tillotson, E. F., King, N. C. Med. Coll., 1905 1905 1922
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references. We should like him to verify "the axiom" of
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bands of a dull-gray color, bowing or wavy at their
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tend two or more Courses, or as many as are necessary to his
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has now lu'i'ii (pii'stionod, and wo an- asked to fjive up our belief in
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been limited to these house epidemics. But, in other cases, the di»
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cancer. Broca found that the right kidney was neither hypertrophied nor pushed
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mouth of the Brisbane River. In West Australia plague exists
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of trichloracetic acid. If this precaution were taken, the
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became so extremely weak that his case appeai-ed to
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things that fortunately are forgotten, and when I re-
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We give here the recapitulation of Dr. TVs conclusions.
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become. If, finally, the idceration destroys their posterior attachment,
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will power stand in the place of the patient's for the time
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by Dr E. D, Fisher, of New York. Richter, of Berlin, in
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the nature of diminished expulsive power, from which
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r^ro' in ScT^e h-rm a Sntrf to a ltra.£t- nut ir>- he?is tao
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muscles, and I shall now proceed to make a most care-
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those desirous of procuring a copy of this work to the editor,
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cavity should then be washed out and curetted and the
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seventeen and a half years after an attack of typhoid
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stools, and then pour it out on a piece of glass. This is
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has also used the seton with good results in the treatment of
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adherent ; the vessels are dilated ; and the spinal fluid is in-
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tion upwards of three-quarters of a grain. How much was
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regard to the morphologic and functional expressions of viral