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written : the tramp steamer, with infectious person-
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given to aid the action of cocaine. He had tried it himself, first,
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vaginal douches of iodine solution, two or three gallons twice daily,
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sote had been resorted to without any apparent relief.
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muscles down to the peritoneum without opening the abscess, and the wound
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allusion to this method. In spindle-celled sarcoma, such as might invade
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1. A chemical examination of the D'Unger preparation of so-
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volumes and abnormal lung parenchyma with diffuse inter-
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the intention would be promptly subverted. It would
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The monthly session of the Hancock Medical society was called to
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are usually allowed to stop of themselves, but it is my
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this gentleman, through kindness, take it under his protection, he will find
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all about thirty articles on the subject published in French medical
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0-108 to 0-165 gramme per kilo of body weight. The potential
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' So we gather from several rather confused passages in his Memoir where ce-
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ner, ^ Zwicke, I) Boettscher, J Socin and Burckhardt, | Fen-
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more thorough study of cancer under the auspices of the state;
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In our last Retrospect^ we noticed the very ingenious expe-
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6rst in the blind asylum there was a deaf and bUnd boy
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and i^o^A^ condylomata of the larynx have been accompanied by con-
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pulse 79; no cough : lungs clear; weight 115 pounds. Result,
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seemingly independent, though often allied, in one and
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vessel had contracted so as to be above an inch and a half
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haustive paper by Dr. Menge (Centralbl. f. Gyniik.,
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tube is restored to its normal condition after the complete
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parathyroid glands, namely, to a combination of atrophy with
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2. There are great varieties also in the general character of the
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is Dysmenorrhoea? " or even, "Whether Dysmenorrhoea is a Symptom
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His bowels had acted very freely twice ; his tongue was
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Translated by H. F. Vickery, A.B., M.D., and P. C. Knapp,.
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by 10 cm., every fifteen minutes, for ten hours during the day; at night
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a resulting impairment of the functions of the efferent