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whatever the underlying cause of this hemorrhage, it al-
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regular :Otfiyferiab]re!ori;ierkM,' intermittent and gen-
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The fourth day the condition was slightly better, the pain
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distinguished not less by his humanity and kindness than by
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(tape- worms), but Heller* maintains that adults are raoi'e affected by
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3. 'I'hat. after a dose of strychnia, jjroducing severe tetanic convulsions, these
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placed while still moist in a small digesting jar, diluted sulphuric
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a debt Mr. William Pope suggested that annual subscriptions suf-
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gressional district one of our graduates carried off the prize.
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but once more it refilled and reopened. The roentgen-ray plate on
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tremely beneficial in a number of affections. Dr. Chap-
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than their omission, then the doing right, because we love to do what is right,
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Committee to recommend Gratuitous Students to the Medical De-
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but without success ; for she aborted the following week.
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adenoids. Structurally, the tonsils consist of lymphoid tissue
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mild disease, cowpox, enjoys protection against the serious and often
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puberty — a class of subjects in whom inflammatory action is sub-acute,
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During 1879, m me Home for Destitute Children, there twice occurred
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y^Wf; Or. /ji— ^ »ai» «rfp6»fW wtl a gtig f <rf to < w d fcy fntaakfe 252
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Disorder terminated in death, on the latter part of
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which would justify the conclusion that acidosis alone was not suffiaff^
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of peristaltic influence, those associated with the great glandular
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attacks of nervousness, which were attributed by her physician to ap-
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author has watched cases where the pulmonary resonance was absolutely
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glassy-like masses and often dissolution of the platelets that occurs
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of sore throat, stiff tongue, faint, sick at stomach, etc.
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On examining the hairs which pass through the favus-crusts, it will
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standing the great expense, to provide a supply of Behring's antitoxin
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