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the third nerve, still goes on ; and the eyeball is involuntarily turned upwards,
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of muscles supplied by motor fibres bound up with the
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necessary or justifiable. The same may be said of acu-
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of the blood pressure, and it is our hope that an extensive routine
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The present report deals with the occurrence of sixteen cases of
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The next case is one in which, gi-eatly to mv vexation and disap-
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which is the apparently enlarged spleen. There is slight pit-
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prognosis. Tlae report is based on a study of 28 cases for 1 year
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this erroneous doctrine leads to insufficient (merely orthopaedic)
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been spared to put into it his fertile ideas and matchless zeal.
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of consciousness. When first seen, some hours later, he had recovered
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a disease which has troubled me more than all others with
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but also our professional commitment to containing cost.
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the invasion of fever. They should, however, be taken of
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tion of the epiglottis was present, but the tubercular indica-
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