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from the body of the sick, the consequence of the peculiar dis-

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there was involuntary passage of urine and feces, but there was no

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tion througli each loop ; while in the granny-knot (Fig. 25), which is

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itself in consequence were dilated. This was especially observed of the left ventricle,

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Zur Statistik der Carcinonie der oberen Gesiclits^iegeiid.

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The disease has always been extremely virulent in aboriginal tribes;

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consumptive persons examined in the dead-house of St. George's

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traband article ; nevertheless in spite of all these precautions she

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fying to every member of the profession present, but which time and the

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Mr. Jacobson, " What is it that is higher when the head

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105° F. The autopsies in both cases showed a very ex-

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offender and blackmail, excessive punishment and the loss,

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Rheumatism. — Dr. Vinals reported to the Medico-Chi-

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Dr Aitken mentioned a case which showed the difficulty of

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of life. We would therefore very re.spectfully repeat the invitation al-

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fore the time of Linnaeus), was nearly without m.ethod, a writer "I

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clinical experience the various methods which have been proposed — par-

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palmar and plantar surfaces ; elsewhere the skin was quite soft and

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by Sir Russell Reynolds the clonic muscular contractions were unattended

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antiseptic dressing successfully, can be thus treated." It is best to begin with a

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organisms which cause meat to be poisonous may give rise to exactly

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2 Albers Schoenberg — Die Lungenspitzentuberkulose irn

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