Bristol gets ready for fastest pizza delivery

Bristol is gearing up to experience superfast pizza delivery as one of the world’s fastest pizza chefs leads the team at the city’s newest pizza joint. 28-year-old Polish chef Pioter Wroblowski, who has been living in Bristol for the past six years, will be spinning the dough at the new Red Pizza Company. However, this is a head chef with a difference! Not only can Mr Wroblowski serve up a pizza fast, he can do it in 1 minute 21 seconds, holding the UK record for fastest pizza delivery in a competition in Liverpool two years ago.

Hotwells’ new pizza joint, Red Pizza Company, is the creative answer to Britain’s many pizza chains. This independent pizza firm that opens today, will not only offer pizza deliveries till 4am, but also offers a choice of beer, wine and cider on its menu.

Mr Wroblowski is excited for his new venture: “Every time a pizza is made here, I’ll be spinning the dough, so it’s made properly. It’s the best way to make a pizza, and the customers love it. We’ve already had kids coming in to watch me!”

Owner Oliver South shares in the excitement: “We want to be different from the usual crowd. The Red Pizza Company aims to bring Bristol fantastic new pizzas and have some fun at the same time.”

And fantastic new pizzas it promises to deliver! At the Red Pizza Company, you can grab some delicious crusts uniquely different to traditional pizza houses.

While the Bristol Bad Boy pizza is aimed at hard-nosed spice enthusiasts with a generous helping of meat and heat, the Hot Hippy is a green delicacy with a fiery mix of jalapenos, green finger chillies and spicy tomato sauce.

“Let’s keep things simple,” says Mr South. “You get hungry, you want food, so you call us. As soon as you’re off the phone we’ll be on our way with a Bristol Bad Boy or Hot Hippy, beer, wine, or treats on a kick-ass Red Pizza scooter! What more does a hungry and thirsty Bristolian want?”

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