Boy found alone in Pizza Hut restaurant in the US

3 year old found in Pizza Hut in California is possible case of child neglect

Police in Delano, California are following up enquires after a boy aged between 3-4 years of age was found abandoned in a Pizza Hut restaurant.

The authorities say the parents of the young boy could face charges of neglect after leaving the child unattended at the pizza restaurant.

The Hispanic child was unable to tell police where his parents were, or any information which could lead them to his family. The police decided to send out pictures of the lost boy to all local media in an attempt to track down his parents.

A relative of the boy happened to see his photograph on the news, and went to his home where he lives with his six other siblings to check in case he was there. On discovering the boy was indeed missing, his family contacted police to claim the youngster.

The boy’s parents maintain that they had called police to report the child missing. Police say they are continuing their investigation and that the parents could be faced with charges of child neglect if it is discovered that they left the boy at the Pizza Hut restaurant, and didn’t report him as missing.

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