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The symptoms resembled closely those wdiich have been described in the arti-

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MOOD Mobilization and Overseas Operations Division, Office of The

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patient who had been able to tolerate this drug. Some pa-

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need not interfere with the usual careful manipulations for

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right to coin a new, or half new, word as most of the

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discharge takes place chiefly or exclusively when the head is

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tors with even true coli ; that many of tlie lactic acid organisms

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there is much danger of the rarer malady being mistaken for the commoner

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so that the anterior surface of the child which was at first directed

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to the respiratory lesion, only the tissue reaction of this system, and par-

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irritant and narcotic substances were used. Various guesses as

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is obvious that a patient who recovers from the first effects of this poison may

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of the swelling : in more than half the cases the joints were

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significance of the disease, next its frequency in our

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that is what saved Grover's life. When I first saw him, three

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he DOW looks on its detection as a possible result of the exploration of the cavitv

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attached to the liver ; on gentle manipulation it appears to soften and

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sent in too many cases. Justice and the truest mercy demand irom

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reactions observed in Berlin by the senior contributor.

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