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pasted around the window-frames and door-casings, is an effectual mode of

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to rheumatism has been isolated, but Dr. J. N. Popoff has

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to the disproportion between leukocytes and other constituents. Opie has

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The study of a larger number of cases, no doubt, would alter

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long as the other bacteria usually present, and they often outlive all other

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must certainly vary in different epidemics. Blindness or definite changes in

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friction sound heard with the patient sitting will usually

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central nervous system to endure against the toxaemia.

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horizontal position with a small sand-bag under the neck. The gag is then

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Not only the fever but also the other phenomena of the suppurative stage

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by crania and skeletons, and directing his celebrated

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have no cough, and swallow what expectoration they have. Below the age

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cases in the Johns Hopkins Hospital there was leukocytosis in all, the average

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fever the products of katabolism are taken up by the circulation ; only a part

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to use the catheter. Every effort should be made to avoid this, for it means

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of gastric juice and other glandular secretions, and the antagonistic action

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result of transgression, and the consequences handicap the re-

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will not permit us to explain all the phenomena of rheumatism

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Hektoen have shown that the serum of animals immunized with ahen blood

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desirable to differentiate between them, the addition of more

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Water. — With the question of feeding goes an equally important one^ — the

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ness in 1867, thirty- three years ago; and at its very beginning,

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procured, guinea-pigs being thus protected against three times the lethal

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professional qualifications there can be no doubt, and to

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made by Laennec, Cruveilhier, and Rokitansky. The diagnosis of pneu-

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To illustrate the method of artificially manufacturing

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the chance of escape to new hosts. Consequently there is going on in nature

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73 cases of gangrene, 5 had preceding pneumonia. The gangrenous process

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disease do we see so many patients recover who have been desperately ill.

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pneumonia patients harbor the microorganism in much greater proportions

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to advantage would be in an early period of the stage of incubation. No

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there are no muciparous glands in the kidneys, it would have