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8 weeks. Complete motor and sensory paralysis below last dorsal

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the connective tissue, which is the direct result of most

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the same size and shape, filled with cold water, was ap-

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and of Pfuhl's sign (q. v.), are indications favoring subphrenic abscess.

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latter instance. All tlie postmortem tissues inoculated by us were

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Convenient communications to recreational areas. Con-

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result ; and, unless this is relieved, overflow incontinence. This, however,

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cellence. We proceed to a short notice of some of the more

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some part of the body to indicate at once the kind of death ; but it need

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also decreases the absorption of calcium from the gut where

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(2) The distance of the nipple line is measured from the mid-sternal

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branches treated of in these volumes, requiring more time for

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ovary, thus about midway the posterior face of the brOad

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instance, amebic dysentery is confined entirely to new arrivals

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fatal, lie thought that even in the tubular form, if we could but

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required in its administration, because it is apt to produce jaun-

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yet, but the wounded are beginning to come back already, and it is going

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Dr. R. F. Leinbach, Charlotte: There has been surprisingly little

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served by the two providers or to benefits of spinal manipulation, it is suggested that a potentially

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is curious, that whilst it is common among the workmen of some coal-

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a dilute corrosive lotion, drainage, and abdominal pressure, or tam-

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formation or growth of organs :— visually applied

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sodium citrate. The total salt content of all the solutions was between

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The posterior peritoneal flap is now excised, the stump

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saw the patient any operation was deferred till the next morning.

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The Eyes. — The conjunctivitis present in all cases requires the usual

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they get through with such little effijrt and study, it is

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have in many cases succeeded in relieving disease. The