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become lilac, or even whitish, if the epidermis grow very thick and
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suitor, when it was his misfortune to read in a newspaper
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paralysis, which may either follow at once or after a period of latency.
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the long-continued action of milder agencies such as pressure and
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are added to those of touch. The hot air and vapour bath, the wet pack,
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in, and the case generally ends fatally ; though it may be years before the
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at a distance of six feet from one another, the insane prin-
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peculiar calling and more capable of combating the ailments
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Oscar. Arehiv f. Heilkunde, 1871, xii. p. 261. (2) Pathology of Vesicle : — 22.
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temperament. Many happily married men have told me, with disgust
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is pitted like a fine honeycomb ; and the pruritus is more intense and
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B. The spinal form. — The chief features here are weariness of the legs
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the conduct after the fit. (d) Visual aurae are the most common, and
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was made to feed soldiers on food that would pack into
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and we have abundant evidence that the sympathetic nerves are unduly
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connecting link between grave fostal ichthyosis and ordinary ichthyosis.
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the conduct of the individual. This defect of control varies in degree as
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trophoneurotic cases which may occur in the course of central and
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takes place in the most unpromising instances. When, however, the scalp
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Associated diseases, such as gout, must of course receive their appro-
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post-scarlatinal " rheumatism " at nine years of age ; and at twelve there
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drop projects beyond the tip when the mark is reached.
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lesions gives place, as the congestion disappears and the nodule flattens
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the shoulders and back than on the face. It may come to an end
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exanthem ; distributed bilaterally and even symmetrically, with certain
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Muller. Deutsch. militdrarzt. Zeilschr. Berlin, 1884, p. 439 ; Charili-Annalen, Jahrg.
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knowledge, however, suggests that we are only now learning where to
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slight excess of what is customary during health ; in considerable ex-
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this latter affection is present in an aggravated form the probability of
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Requisitions are submitted periodically by the medical supply