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the relation of adduction to the spine as compared with its fellow, and
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not complete, amblyopia, of the eye of the same side.
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DEFINITION. An hereditary affection characterized by general cho-
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The paralysis is manifested by difficulty in swallowing, of sudden
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nitrate, glycerite of tannin, and various other astringent solutions are
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and, according to Gerhardt, also changing with a change of the patient's
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I have often wondered how it was that surgeons of this country
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thelial, and blood casts. Fatty degeneration of the epithelium is gener-
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happily when conjoined with the bismuth. The vegetable astringents are
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much affected. The universal escape of the muscles of the eyes, thorax,
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fat-crystals, bacteria, fat-drops, and perhaps starch-granules. They give
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clear, but may be opalescent, especially after its removal during life, in
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the symptoms which follow paralysis of the various nerves having origin
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sac itself. We have seen the enormous blood- wave produced by digitalis
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Paquelin cautery should be applied as a series of points on each side
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tent the accompanying albuminuria may depend upon the presence of the
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mation of the endocardium is usually explained by the assumption of an
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often tuberculous when the ovaries are normal. The symptoms of tu-