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or hire a horse he must b'e'a'-tery helpless individual. Finally, some

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hospital ships at Lnn^ Keach being Si*, in addition to a score in the High-

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WiTBixoToy Local Boakd v. Cohpohation of Manchester.

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Honorary Surgeon. Applications to the Committee of Management

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by the appearance of suppuration in the loins or abdomen,

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tion. The explanation is simple. In 1881 the General Re-

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plied to London reaches! the metropolis by way of St. Pancras parish,

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nant-Colonel, April 1st. 1887. We are again indebted to Harts Army List

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restless. The case was now definitely pronounced by the

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The Drainage of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.— It ap-

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other tarsectomy, and at the end of four years the second

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studied so clearly or philosophically, but they have added

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Mr. Asquith, we understand, is about to make arrange-

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QLiATi : Numerous specimens of Tumours, Cysts, Dermoids,

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more or less till death. At times, and especially latterly,

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well got up on the whole ; the illustrations, liowever, are so

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containing the culture, and the layer of bacteria is scraped

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ment was rapid and satisfactory. But the injections had to

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A ciECUMSTANTiAi. story has been widely circulated, which

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themselves sufficient, and they in no degree supersede the

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ment had been expressive only of stupor, became animated

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Liverpool; P. W. F. Ross, M.B., New Brighton; Mr. R. itainsford,

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Surgeon to the Queen, vice Inspector General J. R. Taylor, G.B., half-pay,

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Medical Graduates" Association is Dr. M. Greenwood, 243, Hackney

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from germ flour, which is simply flour containing a consider-

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bourne. More than a hundred cases have occurred in I'^ast-

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incision. In cases of tumour of the bladder, however, the

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will regain the sensitiveness longer: while, if transferred to a liquid,

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safeguard action of these three occurrences. Snow had pre-

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performed upon living animals are not quite useless. An

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Cases of Fracture of Long Bones from slight causes in

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may fairly allow himself to be a little more critical than

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scanty rainfall, and low humidity to accompany a high

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getting at the same time, that there are to act fairly up to the spirit of it,

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able disease, and expresses the opinion that until the public

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Service Corps in the spring of 1890. Quarters for two surgeon-captains

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rnethod of dealing with the majority of those cases in which

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scrofula, general paralysis, locomotor ataxy, or any other

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several pints of pure blood, and passed some witli the stools,

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page or two. But we do not regret this fifth of the work, for

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and it will be instructive to learn later the truth of the case from the

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