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infarctions are easily accounted for, if we only call to mind the symp-

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side. This fact, which hitherto has received too little attention, is easy

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Treatment. — Where retention of feces, and consequent ulceration

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bowels ; i£ on the contrary, there was diarrhoea as a result of the ex-

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30, 1903, there were 160 cases, for the fiscal year 1904, 94 cases, for the

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hypochondrium, and as far down as the navel or even below it. And

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Rat2 (immune to African 5)_ __.: Rat 6 (infected with African .S)

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men and the tension of its walls may impede the. movements of the

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The addition of a scruple of quinine to the above prescription be-

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we find enlargement of the liver, but not of the gall-bladder, we should

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haematemesis and consequently are rarely recognized dining life.

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find that all affections of the liver, by which the portal vein or its

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other hand, if a continued and high fever has caused poverty of the

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General blood-letting is never required in pericarditis as such. Its

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large portions of the lower lobes had acquired a pale, bloodless, strik-

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puscles of the pleura, and of the epithelial cells which cover its surface.

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a two weeks' culture and ten days later the animal was killed. Autopsy shows

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must reach its highest pitch of intensity; blood will be drawn with

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of them, too, are practitioners of some years' standing, with families, who

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Among the individual symptoms, the sputum furnishes a clew to the

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1 Captain, Medical Corps, United States Army, and first lieutenant, Medical

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tion, its subsequent progress being of an equally tedious character.

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is empty ; the " pit of the stomach 9 ' is sensitive to pressure ; there is

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We propose to fai-m a number of babies out until they have reached