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progress in this department that the therapeutics of to-day will soon be

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added, the Operations of Surgery, with the Application

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ious duty to conserve any portions of these organs which are not

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would permit the use of animals to certain persons under certain general restric-

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yearly rise of 35 during 1895-99, as compared with 1880-84. Thus

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bers of one family, had each diphtheria, a few days intervening

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sociated with pain, and the absence of girdle sensation

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One of the best meetings in the history of the Shawano County MedicaT

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case, and indeed we must now consider that time far distant ; he is not

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between traumatism and the development of tuberculosis.

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only be held liable for damages in a civil suit, but

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the countenance cadaverous. On inquiry, I found he had been

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those physicians who do the most to the nipples and breasts before labor, have

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"A man of great executing powers at twenty, with a look and

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is apt to produce itself — acetic, lactic, and butyric