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shot everted lower lid tells us that the man cannot approxi-

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our present methods fail to reveal any changes at the au-

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acter persisting after the purulent character has disappeared aristol is pref-

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the system have pretty much repaired — far better than I could have ex-

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pecially in those cases where there is excessive expectora-

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Post mortem. — The placenta and almost the whole foetus in the abdomen,

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present. The temperature remained about 09.2 F. In this

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cell — the structural unit of the entire organized world. But growth and

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the ward it gave no accurate idea as to the number of individuals

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prevailed in Denmark, Finland, and a great part of Germany, and in

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the anterior surface, but the whole of the posterior

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lymph. In one instance bacteria were found within the lumen of

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? “Our hospital has taken seriously the idea that the vote

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(Wiener med. Blat., Nov. 28 and Dec. 5, 1901) divides

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5. An impaired ability to excrete an orally administered

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of chlorides found in the urine under physiological conditions, as

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Dr Hermann Snellen, E^meritus Professor of Ophthalmology, Utrecht, . 1900

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The late Dr. James L. Little, and Dr. Nathan BozemaO}

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alas been fulfilled. Mr. Root, in his testimony before the Senate

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swelling of his left cheek, which had been present for several days. During the

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brought as near to the acetabulum as possible, but it is well to note

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took place at his father's house in Glasgow on 30th October.

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may be caused by external as well as internal injury, dis-

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canal, and forms a cul de fac. The prefent cafe would form

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the adjacent serous coat. A smaller perforation, about h in. in long

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insufiiciency and circulatory obstruction molecular di-

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analysis. Icterus with eholesteremia and simple icterus are as distinct from

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upright position, and similar accidents due to absolute or relative short-