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Bear walks into Canadian takeaway and tucks into pizza

October 4, 2011 by Ian  
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A fully grown black bear casually walked into a pizza takeaway parlour in British Columbia and tucked into four pizzas slice by slice.

The incident happened earlier this week, not long before the pizza outlet was due to close for business. However there were still a number of customers inside the takeaway when the bear let himself in through the back door, hopped on top of the stainless steel counter and helped himself to the pizzas.

One of the workers at Fat Tony’s pizza shop saw the bear in the back yard area of the takeaway tearing at a rubbish bin before he came into the takeaway, hungry and looking for food. It is thought the bear found his own way inside, managing to open the back door himself.

Drinkers in the bar opposite the pizza shop reported hearing a lot of commotion and couldn’t believe their eyes when they peered over the street to see the bear inside tucking into pizzas; one eye witness said the animal had excellent tables manners and seemed to prefer the pizzas topped with beef and blue cheese out of the four he devoured.

The animal authorities were called in and a cordon was set up around the pizza takeaway until the bear had been safely shooed away from the area.

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