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of Douglas County, but no definite plans have been formulated as yet.
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nervine sedatives : valerian and the bromides, accompanied by
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opinion, much underestimated. Kocher says that most of the cases
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taste. It is preferable to sublimate, silver nitrate, formol, and permanganate,
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found that castration does not cause a retention of mineral salts.
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(W.) Severe biemorrhages from the uose. Post-Graduate,
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When a muscle is cut off from its nutrient centre in the anterior
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from timely operation, for the case appears to me of great A'alue, in
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poison, as many seem inclined to do. Further, there is no
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and, when last seen, the ulcer seemed to be doing nicely,
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two and one half per cent, solution is the best for this
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tive." To what extent these strong feelings discourage
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membranous substance, likened to a diphtheritic deposit. I have, how-
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Porto Rico : Ponce, from beginning of epidemic to Uareli IS,
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their signatures to said paper-itj^ed by VjLJVJV IC
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in dogs fine exploratory punctures; he never found any
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Wassermann reaction was + + + +. The epinephrin test was made Dec &
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and implanting them a little way down the ulna. I have no
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[13] Ledingham. " Survival of Specific Micro-organisms in Pupse and Imagines of Mxisca
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features present such striking contrasts that, for purposes of description,
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showed a case of sympathetic ophthalmia occurring after an interval
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boxes, full of toe and finger joints and teeth, were stowed
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Several different Specula should be bought to meet the
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in view is the initiation or promotion of scientific enterprises
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cases. Of the cases that recovered antiseptics were
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urethral fistula was the main duct for voiding the urine,
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the day, and unsound and unrefreshing sleep at night. To collect
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ever, with the diseased portion of the gut. As already stated,
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that appear by no means rareh^ after scarlatina, recurring frequently,
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observations mainly on cases which have occurred in his own
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was unpleasant as well as useless, and he referred to some
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subject to the disease if put into tick-infested pastures. Cattle
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diphtheria. Secondly, destructiou of tissue by ulcera-
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It is also of great importance to include the 18 cases in which
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same patient with attempts to simulate disease, accident, or injury, and
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tigation of equal parts of cow's milk and water after hav-
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full use of all the powers of the body, the organs are not
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Ixoused, walks about. 4 p.m. — Sluggish, lies down, walks unwill-
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spectable as the city affords. I remember he had diagrams and a model
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vinced that we are dangerous neighbors, the question as
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all organized beings, animals and vegetables. The conservation,
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twentieth and the sixtieth day, according to | is needed, as it is for the cure of a fractured
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looms up so largely under the influence of a distempered imagination, that,
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until the fluid dropped clear from the nostrils. The wound