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whose contour was smooth and polished. The substance of which
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borne?" " Is it contracted from lower animals?" " Is it an alimen-
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interval, he said that he had appeared so well, that he had been sent to school,
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by the acknowledged party leaning of the two observers. The charge
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slighfly inflamed. Hence we rarely see the acute form of the disease,
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patient must rest satisfied. Deglutition is at once improved, although even
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this practice is, that in the Ljing-in Hospital, where it is strictly
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bronchopneumonia, but does not go into details regarding the
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of the larger accessible peripheral vessels. It is the reverse side of
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pression, causes the most marked stagnation in the periphery of
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necessary to prevent the depressing effects of tartar emetic being
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anaphylaxis in the son of a Boston oculist. This patient at the age of
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from 1700 to 2000 c.c; the specific gravity was as high as 1030; there were
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woods are exempt from them. As all those cities and military stations, which
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his discharge from the University Hospital the intratracheal injections
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stances where they show to the greatest disadvantage in a professional work,
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foreigner and in the creole — in the mulatto, mustese or castese, and
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by vomiting. Liquids seem to give less distress than solids. The pain is
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sion of the new formed ioduret Into the hydriodate of the protoxide, no sub-
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disease was discovered at any other point, but at this part there were
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in value or not. In dealing with two such extremely unstable
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EDWARD H. BARTON, M. D. Professor of the Theory and Practice of
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Arms: Upper third of both humeri much thickened and irregular.
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group, either clinical signs or autopsy findings showed invasion of
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ment introduced in front could only be made to glide upon this edge, which did
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severely from nearly all the usual infections of childhood. Only constant
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remark, and this, 1 believe, is the only instance on record in which such a diag-
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twenty-six years, by occupation a singer, with a family and previous
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lymphocytes, 6 per cent, large lymphocytes, 34 per cent, polynuclears, no
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on liquids; it is also lessened when the patient is in the recumbent posi-
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lungs, previous attacks of a similar nature figure in the anamnesis
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Electric Examination. Marked decrease in electric excitability without
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his vest and walked up two flights of stairs. He was undressed, when
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scourge. The occasional appearance of yellow fever in our northern cities
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"By well-regulated pressure with the points of the two fmgers, the surgeon can
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There are two groups of hypertensive cases: (1) Pure arteriosclerosis,
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with abnormal hepatic conditions. The drug which was used
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portions. In five experiments there was a delay in the conduction
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1913, complaining of severe pain localized to the left tonsillar region and
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marks of the action of the poison, but evidently in a mitigated degree, and
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From that time until 1S22, when I left Montpellier, adds M. Bouget, I have
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of no very uncommon occurrence after delivery. An error in diag-
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en Medecine. Par J. Bricheteau, Medecin de cet Hopital, Membre de
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description have been very rarely seen since pathological anatomy has been
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