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face. Some patients fail to report significant pain, or
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patients, will readily realize that fear is more distressing
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not only gives a somewhat brief account of the various injuries
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tion of its secretory organs. In a general manner it may be laid
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gery will be on the rota. Those able to pay will do so. but there will also
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different from ecchymosis. It may be occasionally necessary to distinguish
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malignant diseases of the uterus, stomach, bladder, rectum, etc.
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the accuracy of interpretation of the recorded clinical details, and the
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bronchiectasis, but it is easy to satisfy one^s self that these lesions
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ranging from infancy to old age, on whom he had operated
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muscles. 28. Transversalis abdominis. 29. Internal oblique. 30. Rectus abdo-
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of the abdomen, rather than to diminished vitality of the foetus. When, in
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such as we found when working with direct current. I think it will be
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was glycosuria, which he attributes to the lesion in question. He cites
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Vaccinia in man produced by the animal virus, differs, in certain re-
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that one who, from purely philanthropic motives, endea-
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only a few infected red blood-corpuscles. In order to assure the
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spection a method of great value. It may, indeed, be useful in individuals
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eczema seborrhoicum, electricity, erysipelas, desquamative scar-
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the prognosis is bad. In rare cases ascites spontaneously disappears,
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• Biology.— Leeches appear to be essentially water animals, and
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\_Read before the Worcester County Nomceopathic Medical Society. 1
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patient with phthisis was so apparent. The dyspepsia of
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Renal albuminuria may also, for clinical purposes, be
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standing and obstinate refusal to yield to any sort of treatment.
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Category 1 credit. Mayo Foundation, 200 - 1st St, SW, Rochester, MN 55905. Phone: 800-323-2688.
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M. Pinard has made a comparison of the weight of the
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healthy state, acted in such a manner as not only outraged
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present. We, therefore, undertook an analysis of the cases which
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the mouth ; it is apparently doubtful whether tongue-biting and involun-
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ration you saw practised rather than submit again to the grinding process.
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39. Mortimer JA, Graves AB: Education and other socioeconomic
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Bill be amended by changing the words * Police Jus-
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tious myocarditis. Recently, however, the author has observed three cases
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ago, and after attending school at Brampton, took a course at
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in Ireland, his Fellowship bearing date so far back as 1816.
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become sensitive and excitable. The entire system sympathizes with the