Bactrim For Staph Aureus Infection

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administration and military medical "knowledge and experience :
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The diarrhea often alternates with constipation, and this is most apt to he^
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irritant; opium is of help; salol and bismuth salicylate
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quently, lower serum urea and higher serum C0 2 levels
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The paper that follows is on the extirpation of the spleen,
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In the hospital, on the opposite side of the river,
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we find solid exudation in the connective tissue of any part of the body or
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as an influence on the age-incidence of diphtheria.' But the latest statistics
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Both internal and external use of the drug may be at the same time
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signs pointing to a neural origin of the bradycardia prevented
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consisted of three tumor masses. On section the tumor is seen to be of firmer
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variety, are strongly transmitted to the neck vessels.
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Two days before, after bowling at cricket, a swelling
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only a few spores being found ; it is well to take the scrapings for
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These were the only cases of chronic dysentery in the medical wards of the
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namely, dropsy and excessive palpitation and dyspnoea, and in
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mostly confined to females, and is generally associated with spontaneous
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