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If instead of this, which we might call the physiological form of reinfec-

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sors blade is such as to fit the vault's normal curve, and

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have proved their existence. (The reader will find on page

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ously, and the tonsils and adenoids had been removed in 1909. Except

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line with our AMA Auxiliary focus, with special em-

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at puberty. She had little or no uGSirG for CCpufetiOK, and did

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meal. The following prices per ton were charged for the feed:

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the last molar teeth, and at two openings where decay had partially

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ment the fistula was closed and the common duct was again patent.

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marks of cachexia or of a scrofulous or syphilitic taint.

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till I met with a neighboring physician, who declared that he

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at least two years" (italics not in original). According to the labo-

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ditions. I refer particularly to arthritis deformans. Formerly,

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except from a man who has been cured. Why? Because even when

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whereas in articular rheumatism it is rare that the mobility of the dis-

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cathartics, revulsives, etc. It may be well to inquire whether this view of the malady is

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Dr. Geo. W. Cale, Jr., was elected President; Drs. James Moores

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laboratory investigations that if a living organism be exposed to radia-

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would be an unmixed blessing. This seems to me to be a survival

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bership Committee, the SMS Nominating Committee, and is president of

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weathers, drank the water of the place, and often did hard

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perverted, though no disease exists in it which our senses are able to detect

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by stuffing the air-passages with foreign bodies is a most unlieard-of

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Liver. — Sections were prepared from a considerable number

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in a recent address before the Massachusetts Medical So-

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a necessary concomitant. Lumbricoid worms may give rise to any or all of

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injury, whilst at other times a latent period intervenes, during which

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in the regular and Botanic systems of practice, and the

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struction are the administration of adequate fluids

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at will one of the ureters from within the bladder. It failed

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•laced between the poles of an extremely powerful

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matics were relieved and to which his son is surgeon.

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indicated tlie increase of the new complication. At

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and more particularly females, or males of emotional temperament, chiefly

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and drawing aside the interpapillary portion of the cavity, and