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blood pressure fallowing operations and accidents, are only in their
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vol. i.. No. 3; 3"Amer. Med. Surg. Bull.," Oct. 31, 1896; "Journ.
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in the time of the most severe illness I am really not sick.
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August 3d — His appetite is poor ; he is emaciating
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was heaving a large stone, when he felt severe pain in his rupture.
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comes a source of amusement to them. In conclusion, I
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ture of false aneurysms and the nipture of vessels without previous
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Molli^re describes a stricture of the rectum due to a
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fifth year, and becomes very small after forty. Out of 2042 cases ad-
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is ingested. The skin becomes dry and warm, and a rash may
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infectant and bleacher, for which purposes it is generally employed
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The diseases of the thyroid gland amenable to surgery may be grouped under
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typical myocardial nodules with the )Sfrepfororeiifii'?ri/fanfih\an\mn\
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ance of its walls, nor within the cavities of the right side, was anything un-
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acetat., aa f.jiv. M. Sig. A tablespoonful every three hours. To have an
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scientifically done, we decided to use fetal animals.
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by Sir Russell Reynolds the clonic muscular contractions were unattended
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inflammatory origin, and but very rarely tuberculous and primary. He
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remedies arc in some cases efficacious and in other cases devoid of anj
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spinal cord, and their coverings, and may properly be known by the
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ecstatic state. During attack, has very marked internal strabismus, is
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lessons I have gleaned at Mr. Hutchinson's desk. During
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observed in my autopsies — this is phlebitis of most of the subcutaneous venous
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by a bar that is considerably heavier than those of the side.
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ably uneasy, and was not quieted until he was in his usual track.
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For example, at the commencement of an amputation of
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exudate covering the base of the brain is present in much the greater amount.
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rhage and made the patient's life bearable. The uterus
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number, a private communication being previously sent to each cor-
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quote them ; seeing that they have been gathered from many climates, and
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olecranon, outside of the malleoli, between the trochanter major
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The President : It is not so. I said at the commencement
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typhoid cases in 98 per cent. A. C. Abbott* reports that, according to the
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cess and of recovery, probably followed by inability
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