Hardened faeces sometimes play an important part in this affection, the rectum becoming impacted with a hard mass, which is too large to get pass the anal outlet, and the colon may become filled withstercoraceous material which may be traced along the course of the large intestine by irregular masses felt externally.

Its colour, is reddish-brown, and it is 20 covered with a slightly ash-coloured dust.


Duriiig the latter stage of the disease pus-corpuscles are seen freely intermingled witli the mucus, and, owing to the exfoliation of much of the epithelium, rxlist the surface of the mucous membrane often appears irregular, abraded, or ulcerated. Gibney relates a case internet in which a spinal brace was applied over a perinephritic abscess under the supposition that it was a case of spinal caries. Clusters of used veins, almost varicose, over shoulders. An mijcient raspatory, or instrument mg for scraping exfoliating portions of bone. MEMBRUM, Artus, Melos, Colon, a limb, a member, (F.) side Membre. Or earlier if it gets of loose from the subsidence of the swelling.

The second order of the what class of irritants comprehends the alkalis, some of the alkaline salts, and lime.

Heat is best applied with the spirit-lamp, first to the upper part of the material, with a small flame, tablets and then to the bottom of the tube, the flame being previously enlarged. High - absorption of the caseous material may ultimately result, a fibrous scar remaining. How - but the very moment the pulse is below par in rapidity and vigor, that moment is the individual more liable to disease in proportion to the deficiency. Haustus,' I drink up.' An epithet for the structure of mouth, which is pump adapted for drinking or i pumping up liquids. Among these, benzoate of to soda in some toxic products from urine, and that when administered by mouth the urine is in like manner rendered less toxic. Tuberculosis of the kidney shows polyuria, acid urine which may contain pus or blood, the sediment may contain tubercle via bacilli. The following notes of the first case were made partly in August of from severe attacks of asthma, which ceased when custo he was about seventeen years of age. It is a espanol cause neither of dyspnoea nor asphyxia. As will be shown below, wherever impaired metabolism occurs, it shows itself capable of restoring its equilibrium when trial given in appropriate doses. Name of the tree on which the mammee fruit grows: 10mg. Intrathecal - or the lever may be fixed over the occiput, and, by drawing it down, a closer approxin)ation of the chin and chest may be efiected; the position of the head to the pelvis being at the same time attended to.

Further Studies upon the Leprosy Bacillus: Its Cultivation and Differentiation from other A "10" cid-fast Species. Anderes reports seven cases in which he has used pituitrin effects during labor. The sources of for the infection are very numerous and among them may be mentioned: Antenatal, maternal, congenital; natal, due to infected amniotic fluid or vaginal secretions, postnatal, from lack of cleanliness in the handling of the child.

I had the great good fortune to study these bestellen cases under Dr. Many - faradization with one pole over the lumbar region and the other in the urethra or vagina has been recommended, but there are obvious objections to this practice, especially with girls.

If alcohol in any of its forms is taken only during meals or soon after, the ill results It is natural enough that a poor youth taken from administration manual labor in high health, then sent to engage in studies preparatory just as he is finishing his studies! A few survive a little longer, enter their profession, and in a year or two pass away in death. In the case of Mary Anne Alcorn, convicted here in it was proved that a is white powder was introduced in a suspicious manner into the gravy of baked beef, which gravy was subsequently poured over the beef.