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Baby left in pizza takeaway car park

November 17, 2011 by Tony  
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A baby girl was found in the car park of North Texas pizza takeaway on Sunday night by police. However it transpired that the 6-month old baby had not been abandoned, but simply left by accident by her absent minded father.

An officer from the Northlade Police Department reportedly found the infant sitting strapped into a car seat, which was placed on the side of the car park, on Sunday evening. The authorities started trawling CCTV images of the car park outside the Domino’s Pizza takeaway in Roanake to try and determine how the baby came to be left there alone, however the mystery was quickly solved when a phone call was received by the nearby pizza store from the frantic mother of the child.

Explaining how the infant had come to be left alone in the car park, the father described how he had dropped his wife off to do some shopping, before heading to the Domino’s Pizza takeaway to collect an order. With four children to keep track of, the father accidentally forgot to load the fourth child into the car, leaving her in her seat on the side of the parking space.

When the family arrived home, they realised they were one child down, and quickly called the Domino’s Pizza store where they’d just collected their takeaway to alert staff to the fact they thought they’d left their child there.

Both parents were questioned by police who were satisfied the incident was a genuine mistake. The 6-month old baby girl has now been safely returned to her family and no further charges are being pursued by the police.

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