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Walter Chauning, a distinguished American physician, advocated the

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have now for centuries ravaged all parts of Europe,

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researches in every direction, and to give a hearing to the testimony

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of the subject is the result of their investigations, together with that of Bischoff,

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and never upon the cornea : and that the blindness of one or both

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eflfect of repeated vaccinations of persons who may

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Children," I desire to preface my remarks by a total disclaimer

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lie, follows either an injury of the skull, disease of the bones, or a

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four years in developing a serum against the streptococcus. I saw two experi-

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The marks of permanent injury were, on the whole, comparatively

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comatose, and all the physicians in attendance were of the opin-

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tion is to sejjarate the soft i)art8 from the bone ; this

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Baltimore Barbers to Organize. — It is reported that the

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per cent. Among unvaccinated, it was 31.8 per cent, almost three

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diminished permeability and transudation, with a tendency to rupture of

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gravity of the symptoms, I concluded that, in view of the fact

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removed for examination. Apart from tiie polypus the removed tissue showed

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and animal strength. The number and kind of military and/or

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commission was appointed to revise the statutes relating

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his prominent eyes) in his "Book of Misers" {Kitdbu'l-

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Thus I place this subject before the profession, earnestly invoking for

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must reduce to a minimum. This is shown by the fact

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by small circles on the frontal, infra-orbital, and mental nerves.

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in the appreciation or judgment of active movements. The latter