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quench thirst. The food may be lime-water and milk, arrowroot,
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Dr. Thomas W. Battle, of Columbus, Ga., died on June 16th,
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besetting sin, is, if not an enemy to his species, at all events a
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those of joints. So far as he knows it has not yet been
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By Dr. V. MACiNAN, Physician to St. Anne Asylum, Paris; Laureate of tuc n.stiLU c iiai,,U.c.i by \ . b.
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<^he pathology of uraemia and eclampsia from uraemic causes.
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processes of preparation. In many places there were vacant
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on repeating it, this type of very early reaction is replaced by another.
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It may be the case also with the appendix, the caecum,
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danger which should never be left out of account. Tlie
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A remarkable circumstance connected with gun-shot wounds is
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quency of cancer of the stomach; 8, or i, of my cases occurred here.
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age, wiih sulKsequent conception. Am. j. Obst., N. Y.,
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act as an advisary board to the Governor in all future appointments
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tablished. In addition to the training of teachers to do actual
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Koch, and others, with their heroic attendants — star
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successfully used. The diet should be nourishing and consist of milk,
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eruption and is seen during the first 30 hours of the dis-
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tempts have been made along these lines, but the out-