Pizza News » Ian All the latest Pizza related news. Fri, 13 May 2016 22:35:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 New Domino’s Pizza store delivers jobs to Cardiff Thu, 15 Nov 2012 12:56:53 +0000 Domino’s Pizza will soon open a new store in Pentwyn Retail Park creating up to 35 full and part-time jobs in Cardiff. The local pizza delivery expert is now recruiting from within the community for a range of positions available in its new store which includes trainee managers, trainee pizza makers, customer service representatives and delivery experts.

The new Domino’s Pizza store in Pentwyn Retail Park will be open to the public from December and joint franchisee Chris Daniels is excited for the big launch. He said: “We are looking forward to opening another store in Cardiff, taking the Domino’s store count in Cardiff to seven.  This will mean in Cardiff alone we will have around 250 employees.  We want to ensure we can service everyone in the City, so by placing a store in this location we can continue to deliver fresh, hot pizza to even more residents of Cardiff.

“We want to employ people who live in the community that we’ll be serving.  First and foremost, we’ll be employing people who can deliver great customer service and demonstrate strong teamwork skills, as well as boundless enthusiasm.  It’s also vital to be able to maintain a sense of fun while working under pressure.”

Domino’s Pizza, well-known for being an Age Positive Employer Champion, believes in opportunities for all and welcomes staff from across age groups. Domino’s employees are offered full training, ranging from dough management and food hygiene for pizza makers to road safety for delivery experts. This training and support is available to all its employees right from induction throughout their careers at Domino’s Pizza.

The new Pentwyn store is a great opportunity for ambitious and determined individuals to get involved with the Domino’s brand. Customers can now get their favourite pizza from Domino’s newest stores in Unit 4, Pentwyn Retail Park, Pentwyn Road, Pentwyn, Cardiff, CF23 7XH.

If you would like to work at the new store, please contact Francesca Russell on 07715 458616.

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International chefs compete at Pizza Olympics Fri, 06 Jul 2012 10:22:51 +0000 The world’s Pizza Olympics is underway in Naples as pizza artists from around the world compete to win top honours. The Pizza Napoletana Olympic Games, hosted from 3-5 July, is on its final leg to find the world’s best pizza chef.

Hosted by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (AVN) and held at the Città della Scienza, the Pizza Olympics is divided into five categories: the Classic Pizza (whip up a traditional Italian classic pizza!), the Fantasy Pizza (let your imagination run loose as long as it abides by the AVN regulations), the Artistic Pizza, the Fried Pizza, and of course the Mastunicola (a pizza made of dough seasoned with lard or extra-virgin olive oil, basil and pepper).

For the first time, the competition has introduced the preparation of dough from scratch. Competitors need to create the Real Napoletana Pizza by experimenting with different types of pizzas, including marinara and margherita pizzas of course!

The Pizza Olympics has brought in chefs from across the world. Japanese pizza chef, Masa, is a participant and runs an Italian restaurant in Osaka called Masaniello. The restaurant is named after the Neapolitan fisherman who later became the leader of the revolt against Habsburg rule in Naples in 1647.

Masa says: “The biggest satisfaction is having Neapolitans at the end of the meal compliment you for the pizza.”

The competition, which draws the best of Italian talent, has seen 15 Japanese pizza chefs travel to Naples this year, along with several others from across the world to battle it out for the winning title. The Pizza Olympics also hosts workshops, seminars and other events for pizza chefs and connoisseurs to participate in.

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Scottish team invent world’s first healthy pizza Tue, 03 Jul 2012 10:14:44 +0000 Fancy a pizza but watching your calorie intake? Here’s presenting the world’s first healthy pizza! Aimed at providing nutritional balance, the Eat Balance pizza range takes the guilt out of indulging in the iconic Italian delight!

Created by Scottish entrepreneur Donnie Mclean in association with Glasgow University’s nutrition expert Professor Mike Lean, the low fat pizza is already grabbing headlines. Boasting key ingredients such as seaweed and pepper, and containing a third of the recommended calorie, protein and carbohydrate intake, the Eat Balance pizza range was born out of frustration. Professor Lean explains: “f you go along to a supermarket or a restaurant and buy a meal, then somebody should have thought about it nutritionally.

“We’ve recently studied ready meals produced by the top five supermarkets in Scotland – common foods eaten in huge numbers – and they’re hopelessly unbalanced.

“They contain as much salt as you should have in a whole day or more. They contain as much saturated fat as you should have in a whole day or more. The nutrients we need every day are absent from these meals. Nobody has thought about it. So I got together with Donnie to try to do this.”

The nine-inch pizzas are available in three options – cheese and tomato, spicy chicken, and ham and pineapple. The pizza replaces salt with seaweed and boosts vitamin content making for a healthy fast food alternative.

The duo have already struck deals with two national supermarket chains to stock their new pizza range and aim to get their pizzas on the shelf by September this year.

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US prepares for pizza vending machine, Let’s Pizza Fri, 15 Jun 2012 09:42:15 +0000 Welcome to the future of the pizza! According to recent reports, the next addition to the US’ fast food culture is a pizza vending machine that produces fresh pizza in less than three minutes.

Let’s Pizza, brainchild of Italian creator Claudio Torghel, is already popular across Europe and is now poised to make its American debut. The vending machine that makes personalised pizza from scratch using only fresh ingredients is distributed by A1 Concepts and promises to revolutionise the concept of takeaway pizza in the US.

According to industry website Pizza Marketplace, Let’s Pizza will hit American shores later this year with the hopes of a head office in Atlanta, Georgia. Placed across shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and universities, Let’s Pizza allows customers to choose from four styles of pizza and more than 200 toppings.

The dough is kneaded and rolled out from scratch while the infra red oven is pre-heated. Following this, the pizza is then lightly drizzled with organic tomato sauce and the choice of toppings. It is then placed in the infra-red oven at 380 degrees guaranteeing that the pizza is cooked through. The cooked pizza is placed in an insulated takeaway box that slides out for collection, along with the choice of a disposable pizza cutter, oregano and paper napkins. And all this costs just $5.95!

Let’s Pizza also accommodates kosher and halal pizza orders as well.

A1 Concepts Chief Executive Ronald Rammer told Pizza Marketplace: “Let’s Pizza is a huge success in Europe and especially in Italy. That was proof for us that we have a very good pizza.”

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Domino’s Pizza to create up to 35 new jobs in Romsey with new store opening Tue, 24 Apr 2012 14:35:53 +0000 Leading home pizza delivery expert, Domino’s Pizza, will create between 25 – 35 new jobs for local people in Romsey, Hampshire, after getting the green light to open a new store in the area.

Domino’s have successfully obtained permission for change of use for a former Italian restaurant which will become the site for the new branch of Domino’s. Work has already begun on transforming the former eatery into a takeaway outlet with a new shop front and kitchen area being constructed to facilitate the site’s change of use.

With construction work on the new site already underway, Domino’s plan to have the new franchise up and running by early summer. News on the available vacancies at the new Domino’s franchise, including managerial positions, pizza making vacancies and pizza delivery driver jobs, will be advertised along with information on how to apply in the coming weeks.

Domino’s say that all of their franchisees work hard to be “responsible neighbours” in the communities they operate within, with most taking an active role in the community supporting local projects, charities and events. The leading home pizza delivery provider now boasts a staggering 726 outlets in the UK and Ireland with number of new sites earmarked for new stores in the coming year.

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Domino’s Pizza franchisee from Surrey to defend his title of World’s Fastest Pizza Maker Thu, 19 Apr 2012 15:39:52 +0000 A Domino’s Pizza franchisee from Surrey will be jetting off to Las Vegas in May to defend his title of the World’s Fastest Pizza Maker. Pali Grewal, who won the title back in 2010 in Las Vegas as part of the biennial Domino’s event, says he’s been spending as much time as possible in the kitchen at his Domino’s store in Surrey getting in practice ahead of the competition in the States in just a few week’s time.

Back in 2010 when Pali Grewal won the title, he also set a new world record for pizza making and made history by becoming the first entrant from the UK to win the Domino’s title. The Surrey based franchisee succeeded in making three large pizzas in just 39.1 seconds, that’s 13 seconds per pizza which is lightning fast!

The competition attracts pizza makers from across the world and Pali will be pitting himself against the very best when he flies out to Vegas next month to defend his title.

The competition rules state that each contestant is required to hand stretch fresh dough to make three large bases, then top with sauce and three different toppings, one must be pepperoni topped, another must be topped with mushrooms and the third must have a cheese topping. While it is all about speed, presentation is also important as any pizzas which do not meet the strict guidelines on Domino’s Pizza presentation will be disqualified.

From all at Pizza News, good luck to Pali Grewal in Vegas, we hope you bring the title home for a second time!

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Pizza Express give their website a revamp Mon, 05 Mar 2012 08:43:59 +0000 Just months after the nationwide pizza restaurant chain unveiled its new black and white theme and revamped logo, Pizza Express have now given their main website a complete overhaul adding new features to enhance visitor experience and help develop communication between the customer and the brand.

The revamped Pizza Express website has been designed to be highly user-friendly to enable visitors to get as much out of the website as possible. The site attempts to go beyond the realms of what every other restaurant website does by offering a range of special features including the option to create a personal account where users can save their favourite restaurants so they’ll then be kept up to date on the latest offers and news from their chosen eatery.

As well as offering useful features to help the customer keep up to date on the latest offers, the website also provides information on the origins of the brand, its history and what inspired its launch. In addition you’ll also find details of the Pizza Express products available to purchase in supermarkets, as well as a click and collect feature which allows users to order takeaway pizzas via the website.

The website address remains the same, however the layout and features have all been altered to enhance the customers’ experience of the new-look Pizza Express online site. Take a look at it now and let us know your thoughts on the revamped website.

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Pizza box mini plate invention receives an award for productivity Wed, 22 Feb 2012 15:34:11 +0000 A brand new pizza box invention which doubles as a mini plate-come-napkin has won its three inventors a Red Dot Design Award. The nifty design makes eating pizza a fair less messy affair as the greaseproof layer between the box and the pizza snaps into pieces so each slice of pizza can be picked up easily and without getting your fingers covered in grease or sauce.

Three people have been commended with creating the new pizza box design, Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung and Kwon Young Hee. The website Gizmodo, an authority on gadget news and the latest digital inventions, described the new pizza box plate as “genius” which is high praise indeed.

The idea is simple, as is the case which many of the best inventions, the “paper dish” as it’s been dubbed, acts as a barrier between the pizza and the pizza box itself. The greaseproof plate has been sectioned off into slices with perforated edges so the diner can pull off their chosen slice of pizza, following the perforated line, so that the paper dish comes away with the slice.

Not only does the design double as a handy disposable plate, the paper dish also dispenses for the need for napkins as the diner’s hands are kept clean and grease free thanks to the specially design greaseproof layer.

Do you think the paper dish will catch on with pizza takeaway provider? Would you like to see this new design introduced at your local pizza takeaway? Let us know your thoughts on the new pizza box invention by dropping us a line below.

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Pizza Hut tops Google Zeitgeist poll for most searched restaurant Tue, 20 Dec 2011 16:35:02 +0000 Pizza Hut has topped the annual Google Zeitgeist poll for the US this year after it received more online searches through the search engine than any other food provider. Pizza Hut was closely followed by home pizza deliver experts Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s in the list which was revealed last week.

The annual 11th Google Zeitgeist list charts the most searched for terms on the search engine throughout the last year, with Pizza Hut coming in first place for the food industry for US searches, with Domino’s and Papa John’s as runners up, while Starbuck and McDonalds came were placed in fourth and fifth place respectively which demonstrates that the pizza market has been especially buoyant in 2011 as the top three restaurants are all pizza related.

While pizza was the hot topic on search engines for American Google users, the trend was also evident in Mexico, Germany and Singapore where pizza related searches were also found to be topping the annual poll.

Another fast food provider, KFC, also made a splash online this year in New Zealand when its Double Down burger debuted in the country in May. The bun-less burger succeeded in breaking sales records after it was released in the States, and its popularity obviously spread to New Zealand as it featured on the most searched term on Google’s Zeitgeist list for 2011.

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Domino’s Pizza in Bath request to stay open until 5am Fri, 16 Dec 2011 14:26:46 +0000 A Domino’s Pizza outlet in Bath has submitted an application to request that they remain open and serving customers until 5am in order to better serve shift workers living in the area.

As well as requesting an extension to their current opening hours, which are 1:30 am Monday to Saturday and 11:30pm on Sunday, the home pizza delivery branch have proposed a change to the times their ingredients are delivered. Currently Domino’s in Bath are only allowed to receive stock deliveries between the hours of 9am – 3pm, however the branch argues this is the busiest time of the day for traffic and are requesting that their delivery hours be altered to between 6am-8am when the area is less busy.

Domino’s say they have been in consultation with the local residents’ association over the proposed changes to their operating and delivery hours as the pizza outlet say they take their responsibility as a neighbour very seriously.

Domino’s Pizza in Bath have sent their application to the local council who are considering the takeaway’s request to remain open, serving customers either over the counter or via their delivery service, until 5am.

The extended opening hours would allow the branch of Domino’s to better serve the needs of its community, the outlet argues, offering the chance for customers to use their services at a time which is convenient for them. The 5am opening extension would also create new jobs at the Bath premises of Domino’s Pizza which currently employs a workforce of 50 people.

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