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malignant disease. The enlargement with hard nodules upon the surface,

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yet, even in case of success we must watch, as Fournier says, for relapses.

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the control of diphtheria was that all of the 16,000 individuals be

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sometimes heard or felt. With these local symptoms are associated more

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were analogous diseases in both horses and swine. As

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grains are readily grown — not only corn, but barley, wheat, oats, or

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Bite of Latrodectus mactans. — ^The symptoms of this bite are local

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cancer of the pylorus, enlarged lymph-glands, abdominal tumors, and

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Bathing. Apart from some of the measures of local hydrotherapy, such

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ending flood of affliction, past and present, the practitioners of the Healing Arts have waged a

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