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years he broke both legs as the result of a slight fall. Since then there
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a white enameled, large sized dishpan on the floor.
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which of the two ways mentioned cell-proliferation is brought about.
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Uni\'crsity of Denver, Visiting Physician to St. Luke's
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pain and dysphagia, improves the physical signs, prevents abscess-formation.
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We carry only quality merchandise proven and tested by actual use by the
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pathological conditions shows keen observation and analysis. Practically,
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Charlotte McQueen. SLinJwg: Mary Casey, -Willa Lewis, Thetus Keith. Mary Jane Gerald. Edith Lyday, Magdeline Hill!
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feller Institute for Medical Research. (.Subject to be an-
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that complete removal of all the disease-germs is a well-nigh hopeless task.
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fortunately he is very conservative as to conclusions. He suggests what
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port of its use is the theory of Simon that the free hydrochloric acid of the
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4. Some Observations on Gastrointestinal Fermentation,
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cine man there and. then cuts down a plantain tree.
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mata frequently repeated and by the passage of a rubber tube up into the
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made over the site of adhesion and an entrance effected into the abscess-
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seems the most probable, since it receives confirmation from the experi-
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sipped slowly, and ice-cream are particularly grateful. Thirst is a marked
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of bathing, etc., as the patient. On quitting the sick
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clinicians express themselves. The writer, however, cannot share this
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continued for six days, when it was stopped, mainly on account of the
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of delinquency and defectives of various types, with
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small ball from the first undisturbed access to the
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and remained awake — could not fall asleep again. Breath
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Transactions of the International Medical Association of
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investigation of many organs and their diseases untouched ; bacteriology
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reports three instances, in the last of which there was central sloughing with
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size, and have a distinct pedicle, while the papillo-
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the outbreak at the institution this man's intention-
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but the lactic acid produced bv it, which is effective
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Selection of Tuberculin. — The active principle, the
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Vol. XCII. No. 4. NEW YORK, JULY 23, 1910. Whole No. 1651.
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flexes and the type of the paralysis. The tendon re-
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tected bv a large, nearly oval "collerette" representing
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Copyright, igio, by A. R, Elliott Publishing Company.
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In this paper it is understood, that all scarlatina
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odor and discharge entirely ceased at the end of the fourth