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Indian life, and of the climate, which may serve to guide those who
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1 300 cases analyzed, was : Pyloric region, 791 ; lesser cur-
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carried out by the most e.xperienced persons ; and I very much
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Synonyms. — Remittent Fever, Intermittent Fever, Ague, Marsh
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Filaria Sanguinis. Besides the embryos, eosinophilia, polynuclear leukocytosis,
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observed closely, or propranolol should be discontinued (gradually, if possible).
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Paper No. 4, " Clinical Notes," by Dr. O. W. Roberts related
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179.5 Eulogy on Dr. L. Hubbard, by Dr. Eneas Munson, President.
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of pneumococci of varying degrees of virulence appear from time
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whether simple and confined to one organ or complicated and involving more than
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"Twin-Bulb," one minute. Aluminum or Hard Rubber Case. Each $L25
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usually more or less fiatulent distention. These conditions combine to
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three superBcial patches of red softening on the cerebrum, and the gray
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by the army and the rejection by the Marine-Hospital
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by two cubic centimeters. Peculiarities of the animal or conditions
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projects, particularly in its lower half, giving rise to the prominent deform-
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ceased ? — It is commonly asserted and believed that, after the cessation of
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struction by recitations, in what may be called the primary
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undertook his own defence. I am sorry he ever uttered a
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region, but his answers have always been in the negative."
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ing scientific desire to do good to your fellownien, unless
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May. After four days he complained of pain in stomach and
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tion by muscle-contraction. The location of the most
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first sound of the heart. This is significant, as it is frequentiy the earliest
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The meningeal vessels of the brain and cord are often congested. The cere-
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nation. The iritis was of the plastic variety, not very
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which are hot and sulphuretted, are received into a large basin divided
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structures suffer and will be soft, thus inviting spinal curvature,
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pressed in the president's address concerning the relations
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jects. The thread should pass through all the tissues at once,
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easily becomes saturated with blood or exudate, and as soon as satura-
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In diseases of the nervous system. Epilepsy, Hysteria, and Chorea,
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lose their characteristic features, if an additional short, dry cough arise,
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epidermis exhibits fine lines and creases and perhaps scales off. When
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cle for the insane, the care of those committed to it should be
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avoided. The sick man is better able than his physician to judge
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than the occipital lobes (also the angular gyri), and that
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could be done in this direction, if the same care were given to